Our herbs to counteract fatigue

The great toning power of medicinal herb


We all have moments of fatigue, weariness and discouragement. Medicinal herbs can offer a great support to reverse this tendency and stop those occasional bouts of tiredness from becoming exhaustion. The herbs are mild and sustaining but must be accompanied by a healthy lifestyle. For sudden listlessness, nourishing herbs such as nettles are very helpful to remineralise the core of the body. Tonic herbs can also be used, such as rhodiola, holy basil, ashwagandha or eleuthero (siberian ginseng) which give a boost, perk up energy, increase focus and concentration. Best to include adaptogens like astragalus because fatigue opens the door to infections. And if you’re down in the dumps, don’t hesitate to counter-attack with a good dose of St-John’s wort!

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