To produce and make available certified organic herbal products that really heal.

Our Vision

Empowering people to manage their health, Clef’s mission is to support anyone who would like more control over their health and that of their family. It does so by offering safe and simple herbal remedies, enabling its customers to treat small, simple health problems before they become serious and debilitating.

Support for producers and partners

Our network or partners is precious. Their work makes it possible for us to offer high quality organically-grown herb teas. Growing medicinal herbs entails great challenges and we are fortunate that we can count on a network of experienced producers!


Our medicinal herb farm is spectacular, vibrant and magnificent. We take great care in each step of cultivation, harvesting and extraction in order to capture that power and make it available to all, in each and every bottle that leaves our installations.


Our work, our relations with colleagues, clients and suppliers, as well as the development plan of our enterprise are based on our fundamental values. Respect, openmindedness, fairness and health guide each of our actions.

Our Certifications

Eco Cert
Logo Vegan NOIR 1
Green building council
Sans Gluten
Sans OGM
Organic bio
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