Producers and Partners

On our agricultural land in the Laurentians, we cultivate the herbs we need to produce our extracts. To complete our therapeutic arsenal, we also offer about a hundred herb teas which come from organic producers who take to heart the cultivation and harvest of medicinal herbs.

Relationship of Collaboration

Notwithstanding the physical distance, we are in constant contact with our producers and pay them regular visits. During these meetings, we develop a relationship of collaboration and friendship to better understand the reality and life conditions of their families and collaborators.

Local Producers

Some of our producers are local; we give them priority and preference because of the high quality of their products and their know-how. Many of our herbs come from the four corners of the globe. We have daily communications with Asia, Africa, Central America and Europe to create bonds with people who grow organic herbs on a mountain or in a prairie, is the spirit of respect for their people and the earth. We demand organic certification from all our suppliers in order to ensure that the herbs were cultivated and harvested with respect for the workers and the community, as these are central to our enterprise.

First Visit

During our first visit to a producer, we take the time to check their social and environmental involvement, and we validate their commitment to organic farming. We examine human and environmental factors: the age and health of workers, work schedules, sanitary installations, the cleanliness of the premises, noise, air quality and general working conditions.


Thereafter, we audit these producers each year and try to meet them physically whenever possible by inviting them to our establishment, by meeting up with them at international shows or by returning to their installations. We share with them the results of the annual audit and work towards continual improvement. Subjects of discussion can vary from the way an herb is cut, the moment of harvest, the size of branches, the results of microbiological analyses, the types of packaging, their need for equipment and price equity.

Ecologically Responsible Endeavors

Many of our producers are cooperatives that group together many very small farms spread across rural areas. We are there to help them improve their quality of life and support them in their fair trade and ecologically responsible endeavors.

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