Agricultural Growth

Clef des Champs grows on its certified-organic farm the medicinal herbs it needs for the production of its therapeutic extracts

Terraced Garden

Located on the side of a mountain, our terraced garden offers an ideal growing environment for our medicinal herbs. Exposed to the elements, organically grown, warmed by the hot sun, buffeted by the North winds, our herbs develop powerful defense and survival mechanisms that fill them with a rich diversity of active principles and secondary metabolites. In this unique environment, at the heart of the Laurentian forest, our herbs are vibrant with life and vitality, almost wild.

Pioneer in Organic Agriculture

In accordance with its values, Clef des Champs has been a pioneer in organic agriculture since the 1980s. As one of the actors of the development of the organic movement in Québec, Clef des Champs has been accredited by independent organisms for nearly 30 years. Clef des Champs is presently accredited as an organic agricultural productor and transformer by ECOCERT.

Exceptional Expertise

During the last four decades, Clef des Champs' team has developed a unique expertise in the production of medicinal herbs. To produce herbs and extracts perfectly adapted to our northern climate, we have adapted our production techniques to our growing conditions, our mountain climate and our short luminous summers. We have selected the most productive varieties, the most viable seeds and the most efficient propagation methods. Our agricultural team is unique and thanks to its exceptional expertise, we can count on the most powerful herbs to produce our extracts. We form a vital partnership between soil, plants and people.

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