The Factory

Our extracts are made from fresh herbs harvested in our gardens.

Herbs harvested and processed by hand

Our extracts are made from herbs that are harvested and processed by hand. We select only the perfect parts of each herb and harvest them at the top of their potential. Each day, we monitor their maturity, the opening of the flowers, the ripening of the seeds, the development of the leaves in order to capture a herb at the height of its effectiveness. All our operations (culture, extraction, production) are done on the premises. This allows us to follow weather conditions closely and harvest in ideal conditions.

Decades of Experience

Decades of experience have taught us the importance of temperature, humidity and sunshine during harvesting. For herbs that are more sensitive, we even take into account the weather conditions of the past few days because that can also influence the content of active principles in a herb. Herbs can be finicky but when they are well cared-for, they give much in return!

After the Harvest

Immediately after they are harvested, the herbs are transported down the hill to our installation to be processed. We remove secondary parts (such as stems which contain fewer active principles) and prepare the herbs for extraction. Our experience has led us to develop distinct methods for each one of our extracts. Our extraction room is a veritable lab and each task is precise: cutting style, cutting tool, sequence of brewing, maceration time, alcohol ratios, decantation, filtration, conservation, nothing is left to chance!

Accredited by Health Canada

Accredited by Health Canada since 2006, all our products have a Natural Health Product (NHP) licence based on their efficiency and safety. All our operations are conducted according to Health Canada’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in order to ensure the quality and reliability of our products. All our lots are laboratory-tested and by expert herbalists in order to confirm their quality, strength and efficiency.

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