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Bulk herbs are used to prepare infusions, decoctions or preparations for external use. They can be used alone or in mixes. To prepare an infusion, pour boiling water over the herbs and let infuse at least 15 minutes. The required quantity depends on which herb is used. It is preferable to prepare several cups at a time.

Ashwaganda, root Org
Astragalus, root Org
Black cohosh, root Org
Black walnut, leaf Org
Blessed thistle, herb Org
Borage, fl + lf Org
Buckthorn, bark Org
Burdock, root Org
Calendula fl whole Org
Catnip, fl + lf Org
Cayenne, powder Org
Chamomile, fl Org
Chaste tree, berry Org
Chickweed, herb Org
Chinese rhubarb, root Org
Crampbark Org
Dandelion, root Org
Devil's claw, root Org
Dong quai, root Org
Echinacea ang root Org
Elder, berry Org
Elder, flower Org
Eyebright, herb Org
Fenugreek, whole Org
Feverfew, leaf Org
Gentian, root Org
Ginger, powder Org
Ginseng, whole Org
Goldenrod, herb Org
Goldenseal, powder Org
Hawthorn, berry Org
Hawthorn, fl + lf Org
Hibiscus, flower Org
Hops, flower Org
Horsetail, herb Org
Hyssop, herb Org
Juniper berry, whole Org
Lavender, flower Org
Lemon balm, leaf Org
Lemon verbena, herb Org
Lemongrass, herb Org
Licorice, cut Org
Licorice, powder Org
Licorice, stick Org
Linden, fl + bract Org
Maitake, whole Org
Marshmallow, root Org
Meadowsweet, herb Org
Milk thistle, seed Org
Mullein, leaf Org
Nettle, leaf Org
Oats green Org
Papaya, leaf Org
Parsley, root Org
Passionflower, herb Org
Peppermint, leaf Org
Plantain, leaf Org
Psyllium, powder Org
Raspberry, leaf Org
Red clover, fl + lf Org
Reishi, whole Org
Rosehips, berry cut Org
Sage, leaf whole Org
Sheep sorrel, herb Org
Shitake, whole Org
Siberian ginseng, rt cut Org
Skullcap, herb Org
Slippery elm, powder Org
Spearmint, leaf Org
St-John's wort, fl + lf Org
Turmeric, powder Org
Uva ursi, leaf Org
Valerian, root Org
White oak, bark Org
White willow, bark cut Org
Wild cherry, bark Org
Yarrow, flower Org
Yellow dock, root cut Org