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1ml of Herbal salve contains:
Comfrey fresh org. leaf and root Symphytum officinale
Calendula fresh org. flower Calendula officinalis
Chickweed fresh org. aerial part Stellaria media
Black walnut dried org. leaf Juglans nigra
Plantain fresh org. leaf Plantago major
Mullein fresh org. leaf Verbascum thapsus
St-John’s wort org. flower Hypericum perforatum
Goldenseal dried org. roots and rhizome Hydrastis canadensis
NMI: first cold pressed organic olive oil, organic beeswax.

Traditionnaly used in Western herbalism to treat minor skin inflammations, wounds, burns and eczema. Adults and children: Apply generously on affected area. External use only. Consult a health care practitioner if symptoms persist. Do not use if allergic to plants from the Asteraceae or Plantaginaceae family.