Our medicinal salves have had a place in your family pharmacy for several years now. They can be used to relieve cuts, burns, grazes, wounds that have become infected, badly-healed scar tissue, herpes, acne, sore bottom, vergeture or cracked nipples... Their different uses are just as varied as your needs. Our creams are prepared with plants fresh from our gardens, organic olive oil or organic beeswax and they bring a corner of our flower-filled summer into your winter scene... We prepare them carefully by cooking fresh herbs at low temperatures for seven days, in order to extract the active ingredients without destroying the enzymes. Salves are available in 15ml and 50ml format.


1 Herbal ointment
2 Baby organic ointment
3 Calendula ointment
4 Comfrey ointment
5 Plantain ointment