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Single Tinctures
Plant tinctures are concentrated extracts prepared in alcohol. We take the greatest care in their manufacture, using only fresh plants from our own organic gardens, harvested at the height of their potency. We only use the most active parts of the plant and transform them immediately in our workshops. We only use certified organic grain alcohol, a traditional solvent for this type of preparation. Used in the right proportions, alcohol is the most potent solvent known, as well as being the most appropriate and flexible. Tinctures are easily prepared and transported, act rapidly and will keep for a number of years. The tinctures are avalaible in 50ml format.

21 Milk thistle tincture
22 Comfrey tincture
23 Turmeric tincture
24 Echinacea tincture
25 Siberian Ginseng tincture
26 Eyebright tincture
27 Fennel tincture
28 Red raspberry tincture
29 Juniper tincture
30 Ginger tincture
31 Gotu Kola tincture
32 Feverfew tincture
33 Marshmallow tincture
34 Goldenseal tincture
35 Lavender tincture
36 Lemon balm tincture
37 Peppermint tincture
38 St-John's Wort tincture
39 Mullein tincture
40 Nettle tincture
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