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bebebio50DIAPER RASH

1ml of Baby Organic contains:
Marshmallow fresh org. root, leaf and flower Althaea officinalis
Calendula fresh org. flower Calendula officinalis
Plantain fresh org. leaf Plantago major
Mallow fresh org. flower Malva sylvestris
Black walnut fresh org. leaf Juglans nigra
NMI: first cold pressed olive oil, organic beeswax.

Traditionnally used in Western herbalism to relieve minor skin irritations, soothe diaper rash and heal cracked nipples.  Adults and children (2 to 12 years old) and babies (0 to 2 years old): Apply generously on skin.  Consult a health care practioner if the symptoms persist.
Do not use if allergic to the Asteraceae and Plantaginaceae family.