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Tincture compounds meet specific needs and are easy to use. Combining several tinctures often maximises their individual efficiency and make the users’ lives much easier. We have been preparing some of these mixes for over 10 years now and their efficiency has been proven time and time again. Every one of these mixes contains alcohol.The tinctures are avalaible in 50ml format.


1 Bronchix tincture
2 Calmix tincture
3 Drastix tincture
4 Gingivix tincture
5 Hepatix tincture
6 Hormonix tincture
7 Infectix tincture
8 Mamaboost tincture
9 Menopausix tincture
10 Menstruix tincture
11 Parasitix tincture
12 Tabagix tincture
13 Urimix tincture
14 Vocalix tincture