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Dive deep into the world of medicinal plants, this time with a fresh approach. Clef des Champs is proud to launch it's new web platform dedicated to the most popular medicinal plants. Take a look!

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Histoire de thé

Makaibari, The Pearl of Darjeeling

The little village sits atop a Himalayan peak in northeastern India. More
temperate than the Indian plain to the south, the region experiences fog,
frequent rain, a cool summer...

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Recettes à découvrir

Recettes à découvrir...

Voici quelques recettes éprouvées et concoctées avec les épices et les thés de la Clef des Champs. Laissez-vous emporter par les saveurs et le parfum de ces arômates délicieux!

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Grand Opening of Boutique Chardon Marie

VAL-DAVID (Laurentians, Quebec). Wednesday, July 18th 2012

Under a beautiful setting sun and surrounded by her team, her distinguished guests and her friends Mrs. Marie Provost, president and founder of Clef Des Champs Inc., proceeded to the official "floral" ribbon cutting to inaugurate Chardon Marie, a boutique, patio and tea house nestled at the foot of the garden of Clef des Champs.


Making an Extract, from Planting to Bottling

The very nature of traditional herbalism lies in its simple processes, small-scale methods and manual herb selection, harvesting and processing. Since Clef des Champs started...

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