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recherche1Unique in North America, our growing terraces are fascinating to study and experiment with. Our wonderful team uses its creativity, inquisitiveness and innovativeness to improve plant growth, health and concentration in active ingredients.

In the past two years, we have forged strategic alliances with several researchers in order to improve and advance our traditional and ancestral practices. Our dealings with the Natural Health Products Directorate and its regulatory requirements in recent years have forced us to scientifically validate our traditional practices, which our regulatory team accomplished with panache, innovation, courage and perseverance, ensuring that traditional herbalism is publicly recognized.

During this time, we met extraordinary researchers who support our approach and take part in our investigations. We recherchecurrently have projects underway to grow certain exotic plants and are also studying extraction techniques, ratios and how to clinically assess the effectiveness of traditional extracts. We also have many projects in mind for the coming years, thus keeping traditional herbalism alive in this tense and troubled world.